Two W Group provides services to help sales and marketing organizations understand, manage and analyze their information assets ultimately providing valuable insights into the business from high level strategies to individual tactical solutions and implementations. 

Two W Group engagements typically include not only assessments, but sourcing of solution partners and full implementation oversight.  This ensures that not only are issues identified but solutions are found and fully implemented for the client partner.

Strategic Information Assessments

Do you really understand what information you currently have available and how to best utilize and analyze that information for business value?  Even more important, do you understand what information you don't have that you really need and your competitors may already access and analyze?  A Two W Group Strategic Information Assessment will give you the answers to these questions and many more. 

Innovative Solutions

Two W Group knows the data world and has the innovative thinking required to develop and drive solutions to unique business problems.  We have helped create new data services and products working with both clients and solution partners to drive innovation and solve real world issues.  With contacts and solution partners in all aspects of the information world from data providers, to data warehouse solutions, to MDM capabilities, to Business Intelligence (BI) access tools, to data analysis, modeling and forecasting, Two W Group can develop, drive and facilitate solutions to the most complex business issues.

Contract Sourcing and Negotiation

William (Bill) Whitlatch, Two W Group president, has negotiated contracts from both the client side and from the supplier side; therefore, he fully understands and appreciates the issues from both sides of the table.  Over the years, Bill has negotiated, in aggregate, well over a quarter of a billion dollars in data contracts.  He also has contacts at the executive management level in virtually all major data / research supplier organizations.  Put Bill on your next data contract negotiation team and reap the benefits. 

Solution Implementation and Oversight

Once a solution has been identified, Two W Group provides oversight and project coordination to insure the solution is fully implemented as expected.  This does not replace the client's and solution partner's own Project Management groups but augments the staff with a senior oversight role that can identify and solve implementation issues before they become major problems and potentially create significant project delays.  Two W Group has the senior management experience to identify and solve these problems quickly and knowledgeably and the senior management contacts at the client and supplier partners to solve resource issues and other likely impediments to successful implementations.

Data Provider: New Product Strategy / Solutions

In addition to working with CPG / CE manufacturing clients, Two W Group also works with data providers of both consumer and sales data.  Two W Group's core understanding of CPG / CE client issues provides a strong base of what these clients need from a data and analysis perspective.  Two W Group has very successfully helped data suppliers identify and develop new products, services and in some cases whole new businesses to meet the needs of their clients.

Primary Areas of Expertise

  • Business information strategies
  • Data service expertise (IRI, Nielsen, NPD, MSA RIS, TDLinx, chain POS)
  • Data management for external and internal sales and marketing data
  • Business intelligence access solutions
  • Business analytics
In addition to expertise in the business information area, Two W Group has domain experience within a variety of consumer-oriented industries including:
  • Beer
  • Beverages
  • Confection 
  • Consumer electronics & accessories
  • Magazine 
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Snack food
  • Tobacco
Business Information Consulting